Program Submission Guidelines

Program proposals are best submitted from January through July of the year prior to program presentation. We are currently accepting program proposals for 2018.

Hollyhock programs are 3, 4 or 5 nights in length. 3-night programs generally include 16 hours of instructions, 4-night programs include about 22 hours, and 5-night programs include about 28 hours.

Required Information

1. Presenter Contact Information: name, address, phone number, and email address.

2. Web Links: Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, if applicable.

3. Brief descriptive Program Title and a 150-200 word Program Description as it may appear in promotional materials, including presenter(s) bio.

4. Detailed Program Outline. Please include: teaching outcomes, # of nights, intended audience; minimum & maximum # of participants;  production, supply, or meeting space requirements.

5. A one-to-two paragraph Detailed Biography of the presenter(s).

6. Marketing Plan: Programs with a clear, detailed and robust marketing plan have a greater likelihood of being accepted and being successful.

Please share: Size of your electronic mailing list(s); The average monthly and annual hits on your website; The publications, or media outlets where you would publish or advertise (this could include free event listings); Your social media stats and addresses (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.); Professional organizations, networks and other promotional outlets you have; Other promotional initiatives you would undertake.

7. Past Enrollment Statistics. Provide a list of retreat centres or other institutions where you have taught this program. Include: Location, Length, Dates, Enrollment (paying participants) for each program. Three participant testimonials.


Resumé or CV, and other material or information related to your work.

Professional references from four other people about your programs.

A copy of any books, tapes, DVD’s or CD’s, webinars, videos, or online learning that you have produced.


Please email your program proposal to KK Hodder, Program & Marketing Coordinator, 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I speak with the Program Director before submitting my proposal?

Once your proposal is accepted for further consideration, we’ll be happy to speak with you directly.

How do presenters get paid?

Presenters are paid a per-participant honorarium. We will provide a detailed financial proposal once your proposal is accepted and the budget is established.

What criteria are used when evaluating proposals?
  • How well does this program support Hollyhock’s mission of inspiring, nourishing and supporting those who are making the world better?
  • How strong is this presenter’s marketing plan / promotional strategy and is it viable to succeed at Hollyhock?
  • Where else has this program been successful?
  •  Is the presenter a recognized leader in their field with a strong following?
Will my proposal be considered if it’s a new one?

It’s rare for a proposal to be accepted as a first time program. Likely success info is at least 3, with an average of 20 paying participants elsewhere. Programs / presenters with a following on the West Coast have a greater chance of being accepted.