Our journey begins in the Andes with visits to colourful indigenous markets, Andean villages, a turquoise crater lagoon and ends with thermal hot springs.

From the Andes we’ll travel deep into the Ecuadorian Amazon and be welcomed into Kichwa ancestral territory. We’ll travel by motorized canoe, sleep under a thatch roof, eat traditional meals, swim in pristine rivers, and hike through the rainforest to learn about medicinal uses of plants.

During our stay we’ll connect with men, women, children and elders giving us insight into the daily life, wisdom and traditions of a community known for being proud defenders of the rainforest.

They see the development of ecotourism as an important way to share their story, their way of life, and a meaningful way to generate new avenues of sustainable livelihoods for their community.

It is their hope that we take our experience back into the world to join them in becoming ambassadors for the protection and preservation of the Amazon and all that live there.

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TUITION: $2,500 USD / 10 days

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