September 18 - 23, 2016

What if one day, you woke up smack in the midst of the human condition with absolutely no need to fix, deny, solve, or transcend anything? What if you knew how to offer your friends, family, co-workers, children, clients, patients, or students (and yourself!) a spacious, centered presence that could meet every feeling, ache, joy… and impermanence itself?

Together, we step through the portals of mindful movement and embodied exploration into a direct experience of this messy, mysterious, and magnificent human life. We practice the art of deep witnessing and somatic resonance with oneself, in partner work, and in meditative communion with nature, and awaken our expressive aliveness through motion, drawing, and writing. Let us take a wild ride together into the heart of creativity, community, and devotion.

Zuza & Scott Engler have been on the spiral path of kinesthetic investigation into consciousness for close to three decades, in motion, stillness, and process inquiry. They have offered movement programs, awareness practices, and somatic education to groups and individuals since 1998.

This process nourishes and feeds me like nothing else in my daily life. I now am able to give myself permission to stay with myself and be with what is. To trust myself, to trust my heart, trust the universe. To relax, relax, relax, and simply let myself be, express what is moving in me, trust the unexpected. I leave each workshop feeling more alive and connected to myself and others.

Zuza and Scott are gentle, wise and brilliant masters of sculpting a safe, real and powerful container in which magic naturally unfolds. The depth of their knowledge, years of expertise and passion for the work create a program not to be missed. The combination of modalities is powerful and truly transformative.
–Allison Bryant, former Sales Executive in the Financial Services Industry

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Zuza & Scott Engler

TUITION: $545 CDN  /5 nights (meals and accommodation extra)