May 19 - 22, 2016

Challenge core assumptions and expand your entrepreneurial expertise in this up-close version of the Social Venture Institute. Whether you lead a for-profit enterprise or a not-for-profit organization, you’ll benefit from these three power-packed days with a seasoned entrepreneur and the experience in the room. Designed for entrepreneurs at all stages, from early visioning and start-up to those seeking to transition larger more established entities, each participant will be the focus of a problem-solving  group case study and will have private sessions with the instructor. Both hard skills and soft skills will be enhanced as you gain ideas, strategies and tips to take your enterprise to the next level. This is a potent opportunity to step back from your day to day business to reflect, recharge and retool for your next big leap.

Joel Solomon is Chairman of Renewal Funds and Board Chair of Hollyhock. He has many years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, board member and advisor to hundreds of for-profit, not-for-profit and social enterprises.

Adam Millard of 3foldpartners will join Joel as a co-host.

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  • City of Vancouver announces affordable housing projects, asks for more money 7 hours ago
  • City of Vancouver announces affordable housing projects, asks for more money 7 hours ago

“The time we received from Joel, other facilitators and our peers provided valuable insights, not just into how we approach our business but also into ourselves and how that translates into our everyday actions. The peer to peer learning and the format of the program was nimble enough to address the challenges each member of our intimate group was tackling.”

Ian Christie, 2014 AYE participant.


“AYE is really a mini SVI. With just over 5% of SVI’s attendance, the vibe is intimate, supportive and encourages taking even bigger risks. Our case study — everyone gets to do one — was not just useful: it was transformational and highly propelling. And you’ll never get better access to Canada’s godfather of social enterprise: Joel Solomon delivers value from the first second to the last. I’m going back.”

– Adam Millard, 2014 AYE particpant, 2015/16 AYE c0-host.

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Joel Solomon

TUITION: $575 CDN / 3 nights (meals & accommodation extra)