Integrate your learning with exceptional bodywork. Rejuvenate body and mind, breathe easy and feel revitalized in the hands of our highly skilled, professional practitioners in the beauty and quiet of nature.

Bodywork sessions are from one to two hours long. Prices range from $98 – $250, depending on modality and length of session. Please see full selection below.

We recommend booking sessions 2 weeks prior to arrival. Sessions are subject to availability and prices are subject to change. Please call 1-800-933-6339 x259 or email


Massage & Healing Arts Menu

Bodywork and Massage

Hollyhock Massage
Our signature full-body relaxation treatment that blends Swedish and other massage techniques unique to each practitioner. An extraordinary experience of peace and rejuvenation.
$95 1hr, $138 1.5 hr, $180 2hr 

Aroma Massage
Hollyhock massage with specially blended essential oils. These high-grade oils enhance oxygenation of body tissues to promote health at a cellular level.
$102 1hr, $148 1.5hr, $194 2hr

Deep Massage
Penetrating firm pressure and deep gliding strokes release restrictions and elongate muscles and fascia. The session includes relaxing strokes for integration and balance.
$102 1hr, $148 1.5hr, $194 2hr

Acupressure Massage
A potent combination of acupressure and massage. Relaxing massage strokes are integrated with a sequence of acupoint pressure, inspiring deep release and relaxation. This session can promote Qi flow through the meridian system, opening channels for the harmonious flow of energy.
$95 1hr, $138 1.5hr

Lomi Lomi
Allow the heavenly scent of warm coconut oil, chanting and fluid rhythmic strokes move like gentle waves over your body, washing away tension and stress. Infused with the spirit of Aloha (loving presence), each heart-centred session relaxes the body, calms the nervous system, increases circulation and creates a tangible sense of well-being.
$95 1hr, $138 1.5 hr, $180 2hr

Lymphatic Massage
The Lymph system compromises 70% of body fluids and is essential to healthy immune response and regulation of body function. This session is a full body cleansing experience. Light wave-like touch encourages the lymph to move, flushing tissues and node areas, promoting better circulation and detoxification.  Very relaxing.
$95 1hr

The intention of this treatment is to bring your body to a state of balance. By stimulating the reflexes of the feet and hands, tension is released throughout the body. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.
$95 1hr

Sea Stone Massage
A wonderful way to induce harmony and allow energy to flow, bringing balance and peace. Enjoy a full body massage with warm stones that penetrate muscles, ligaments and tendons, relaxing your body to its deepest levels.
$110 1hr, $160 1.5hr, $210 2hr

Thai Massage
Focuses on enhancing deep circulation of energy in your body. The patterns of gentle palm pressing, acupressure, and a variety of stretches balance the flow of energy. Thai massage can help improve vitality and enhance flexibility levels. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.
$95 1hr, $138 1.5hr, $180 2hr

Jin Shin Do
An acupressure session combining Japanese finger pressure, traditional Chinese medicine and western psychotherapy. Sessions help to release physical and emotional tension. The work is characterized by non-invasiveness, safety in touch, and a sense of wonder and synchronicity. The client may share sensations that surface during the session – or just relax, perhaps falling into a deep and refreshing sleep.
$95 1hr, $138 1.5hr, $180 2hr

Custom Aromatherapy
Therapeutic grade essential oils, chosen to suit your needs – physical, emotional and spiritual, are applied to specific areas of the body. A full body relaxing and rejuvenating massage enhances the optimal effect of the essential oils’ properties. Heavenly scents applied with healing intent.
$110 1hr, $160 1.5hr, $210 2hr

Raindrop Therapy
A truly deluxe experience. First, Lymphatic clearing, followed by application of therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine. Precise feathering and point pressure techniques stimulate the nervous system & increase the action of the oils. Hot towel packs on the back and detailed application of the oils on the liver, kidney and intestine meridian sites of the lower legs and feet increase the benefits. A two-hour session includes a full body relaxing and rejuvenating massage.
$120 1hr, $220 2hr

Runner’s Special
Using a range of techniques including British Sports Medicine massage, the focus is on lengthening and increasing range of motion in the legs and lower back, supporting optimal performance through subtle alignment shifts and ease of tension.
$102 1hr, $148 1.5hr, $194 2hr

Face & Body

Hollyhock Facial
Feel rejuvenated with our completely natural facial using mineral-rich seaweeds sourced from the clear, clean waters off Vancouver Island. This treatment includes essential oil steam, cleansing, exfoliating scrub, purifying mask, and moisturizer. Does not include extractions.
$102 1hr

Scalp Massage
Your scalp, neck and shoulders are massaged with warmed olive, jojoba and rosemary oils. Cooled aloe vera gel invigorates the scalp. For deep relaxation, includes a 30-minute back massage.
$102 1hr scalp & back massage

Essential Oil Wrap
An essential oil blend is applied to your whole body, which is wrapped in blankets.
Warmth enhances absorption of the oils. Two-hour session includes a full body massage.
$102 1hr, $194 2hr with full body massage

Mineral Clay Body Wrap
After a gentle, dry body brushing, warmed clay is applied to your entire body. The natural clay increases circulation and helps to mineralize the skin while you are wrapped in warm, moist towels. Includes a full-body massage.
$148 1.5hr, $194 2hr with full body massage

Balance & Energy

Cranio Sacral Therapy
A gentle approach that assesses and helps to correct stresses on the cerebral spinal system. The light, sensitive touch of the practitioner can help bring about changes that are both subtle and profound. CST can enhance immune function and core body alignment. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.
$95 1hr, $138 1.5hr

Energy Balancing
Our practitioners draw from their diverse backgrounds and unique skills to restore balance and the flow of energy through your body. Energy work, crystals, chant, sound, prayers and mantra are a few of the tools that may be used to nourish and bring harmony to the physical, emotional and energetic system. Specific techniques vary depending on the individual practitioner and your unique needs. Please wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing.
$95 1hr, $138 1.5hr, $180 2hr

Bio Tuning
To rebalance physical, emotional and energetic aspects, precisely calibrated tuning forks are applied directly to acupressure points, trigger points, and chakras to access and open energy pathways in your body. Through these pathways, sound waves vibrate and travel deeply into your body, positively affecting your innate healing abilities.
$95 1hr

An ancient Japanese art of healing, Reiki is considered by some to be the universal gift of energy renewal.
Soothing, calming and relaxing.
$95 1hr

Healing Movement

Private Yoga Instruction

Whether you’re looking for guidance in the fundamentals, an experienced student who wishes to move beyond particular blockages, or have a specific need, such as an injury, a private yoga session can be tailored to fit your needs. Sessions help to bring more awareness into your practice, deepen your knowledge, improve your alignment, and provide the benefit of immediate feedback and support. No previous yoga experience is required.
$95 1 hr, $138 1.5hr, $180 2 hr


Tarot Maps of Guidance
Wisdom found in the Tarot has very practical applications for life and work. Each session is unique to the recipient at this point in time. A Tarot reading is a Map of Guidance for navigating the terrain of your life ~ showing both the inner landscape of the soul and your expression in the outer material world, and aligning the two. Tarot readings reveal what’s happening “behind the scenes”, a deeper purpose in times of challenge, opportunity or profound change. A recording of the session is included, for further reflection at home.
$126 1.25 hr Individual, $168 1.5hr Relationship Reading (price for two)