It’s All About the Journey

Getting to Hollyhock has never been easier! Download our detailed travel information guide for different travel options by land, sea and air. Please check prices of all travel components before booking. 

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Travel Tips

  • Remember to book your Hollyhock shuttle at least 24 hours in advance for service on Cortes Island between Hollyhock and ferry, seaplane and water taxi docks – 1.800.933.6339.
  • Looking for a ride or have one to offer? Check out our Rideshare Board.
  • Check out our recommended Travel Providers and preferred travel agent.
  • Check-in between 3:00pm and 6:00pm on your arrival day. On your departure day, checkout is 10:00am, programs end with lunch at 12:00pm.
  • Reduce your footprint: Click here for green travel tips.

Where is Hollyhock?

Hollyhock is nestled between the forest and ocean on the southeastern tip of Cortes Island, British Columbia, about 160 kilometres (100 miles) north of Vancouver. More on Hollyhock’s location and Cortes Island here.

These are the most popular options of travel to Hollyhock:*

Travel Time From:VancouverSeattle
Floatplane directly to Cortes Island ($$$$)
Most Direct and Economical
Fly to Campbell River & water taxi or floatplane to Cortes Island ($$$)
Direct and Economical
Fly to Campbell River & ferry to Cortes Island.
Or fly to Comox, shuttle to Campbell River & ferry to Cortes island. ($$)
Most Leisurely
Drive to Cortes Island ($) - includes 3 ferries
*Time from departure of 1st ferry
**Time does not include border crossing time or ferry line-up times. We suggest getting onto Vancouver Island the day before your arrival at Hollyhock.

*Options are listed from speediest (and most costly) to the most leisurely (and the most economical). Please allow some extra time during peak summer months.